Monika, trips and free-time activities, year 2011 and 2012

Monika, 38 months old, the second treatment in Hurghada, Egypt, October 2010


Monika, achievements in motoric development, July–September 2010


Monika, 33 months old, physiotherapy in ADELI Centre in Piešťany (second stay), Slovakia, April/May 2010


Monika, 28 months old, physiotherapy in ADELI Centre in Piešťany, Slovakia, November/December 2009


Monika, 26 months old, physiotherapy in the Children medical centre for motoric disorders in Boskovice, August/September 2009


Monika, nearly two years old, the first treatment in Hurghada, Egypt, July 2009


Monika, 18 months old, January 2009


Monika, 12 months old, July 2008


Monika, 6 months old, January 2008