Who has helped us?

In this section we have stated the persons and organisations that have helped us significantly.

First of all we would like to express our thanks to all Monika´s doctors and specialists for their human and professional attitude. Starting from her birth Monika went through many specialized examinations at many medical departments and in this connection we consider important to mention:

- Dr. Klára SIXTOVÁ, department of child neurology, Thomayer University Hospital with Policlinic, Prague, Czech Republic

- Dr. Bohumil GLOSER, department of child neurology and physiotherapy, Prague, Czech Republic

- Dr. Hana PEREGRINOVÁ, department of pediatrics, Jižní Město II Policlinic, Prague, Czech Republic

- Dr. Tomáš HONZÍK, PhD., Metabolic Unit and Department for children aged 0-3 years, Charles University Pediatric Clinic, Prague, Czech Republic

- Dr. Eva AUGUSTINOVÁ, SOS ambulance, Hurghada, Egypt

- Pavla SKALOVÁ, Early Intervention Service – Diaconia of ECCB, Prague, Czech Republic

Help was also provided by (updated 2/12/2012):

- family relatives

- employers

- Kateřina, Jan and Kubík Fischer

- Lada Dragounová, Tomáš Polák and Matouš

- Foundation Naše dítě

- Foundation SYNER

- Lenka Geroltová

- company Portaflex s. r. o.

- Foundation Sluníčko pro děti

- our neighbours

- „not-for-profit organisation“ AveVia o.p.s.

- company ÚVT, s. r. o.

- Foundation J & T

Thank you all, including those of you who have helped us and wish to stay in anonymity.